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How it Works

  • 2-for-1 specials
  • Discounts (30% off your next purchase)
  • Free stuff (get a free ice cream cone with your next purchase)
  • Any important announcement
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•Alerts: Notifications containing time-sensitive information (i.e. breaking news, weather warnings, etc) sent directly to the user

•Updates: Like an alert, but not necessarily time-sensitive information

•Appointment Reminders: Automatic SMS reminders sent to clients about upcoming appointments and events 

•Mobile Coupon: A mobile message that can be redeemed for a financial discount on a product or service

•Mobile Club: A mobile form of a loyalty rewards program where subscribers receive exclusive offers through the mobile space 

•Mobile Survey: A series of questions delivered to handsets as SMS text messages

•Text-for-Content: User texts in for some type of multimedia content (i.e. wallpapers, ringtones, etc)

•Text-for-Info: User texts in for immediate-response information; allows for optimal impact on user’s buying decision

•Text-to-Vote: User texts in to share their opinions through interactive polling

•Text-to-Win: User texts in for a chance to either instantly win a prize or be entered in a contest/sweepstakes

•Instant Win: User texts in for an instant win offer; immediately notified if winner

promotional wall calendars printed with your company logo and message

Successfully Used In
Retail Store

Retail Store

Immediate notification about sales, new items, and important announcements.

Real Estate

Real Estate

How New Real Estate on the Markets, Quick meetings and more



2-for-1 specials, discounts, free stuff, drink specials, or any important announcements.

Medical Service

Medical /Service

Medical alerts and updates. Emergency broadcasts, important news



Emergency broadcasts, important news, weather advisories, school closings, or event cancellations.